5 Hot Tips for Creating the Best Landing Pages

The impact of first impressions cannot be overstated. The first page your visitors see when they visit your website, whether from a search result or an advertisement, is the landing page. As an online business, this serves as your first impression.

These days, merely creating a landing page isn’t enough; you need to create one that’s exceptional to stay ahead of the competition. In fact, landing pages are used by over 68% of B2B companies to increase conversions, so you shouldn’t get left behind.

Checking a landing page’s conversion rate might help you determine how effective it is. Landing pages should be attractive and should be deliberately planned to convert visitors into users and devoted customers. Although landing pages appear to be concise and straightforward, developing a good landing page that converts leads is far more complicated than it may seem. In this article, we’ll discuss five tips for making the best landing pages.

1.   Keep It Simple and Straightforward

5 Hot Tips For Creating The Best Landing Pages - PERC
5 Hot Tips For Creating The Best Landing Pages – PERC

Keeping landing pages clutter-free and free of unnecessary content or links is a crucial component of conversion optimization. Distracting elements should be removed. If you have a single objective in mind, make that the only thing the visitor can perform on that page. One offer per page and describe it as simply as possible.

Furthermore, just because you’re not using every square inch of your website for text or graphics doesn’t imply that you’re wasting space. A call-to-action (CTA) button surrounded by white space can make it stand out and boost conversions. For instance, Basecamp’s conversions increased by 14% after decluttering their homepage.

2.   Make a Statement With Your Copy

Make a Statement With Your Copy - PERC
Make a Statement With Your Copy – PERC

Keep your target demographic in mind while creating copy for your landing page. Make sure the content addresses their concerns and motivates them to perform the desired action, such as completing a form. Users will abandon your page without actually doing anything if the copy fails to appeal to them. Furthermore, whether people are sent to a landing page via a Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google ad, the ad copy must match that on the landing page.

3.   Make Good Use of Images and Colors

Make Good Use of Images and Colors - PERC
Make Good Use of Images and Colors – PERC

Visitors may be confused by images and bright graphics on what was supposed to be a simple landing page. Instead of distracting from the copy, images should draw attention to it and support it. Color schemes perform better when they’re in the same group or congruent with your website’s overarching themes, as with most internet design.

4.   Ensure That Your Landing Pages Are Optimized for Mobile

Ensure That Your Landing Pages Are Optimized for Mobile - PERC
Ensure That Your Landing Pages Are Optimized for Mobile – PERC

Many people nowadays use their mobile devices to explore services and products and even buy things. In fact, 60% of consumers make all their purchasing decisions on their phones. As a result, if a landing page is not mobile-friendly, users will not only have a poor user experience, but they will also be more likely to abandon the page without taking any action. Keep in mind to utilize a responsive design to guarantee that your landing pages function on phones and tablets. One of the simplest methods to enhance customer experience and increase conversions is to have a landing page that’s optimized for mobile.

5.   Use a CTA To Direct Users

Use a CTA To Direct Users - PERC
Use a CTA To Direct Users – PERC

Your visitors will be more likely to act if you use a compelling CTA. It’s not reasonable to merely put an announcement or message on your landing page and then assume that your visitor will figure out how to engage in the desired action. Instead, add a clear and compelling call to action (CTA). Ensure that your CTA button takes you straight to the last stage of your project objectives, rather than requiring you to take another step, such as linking to the contact page.

Takeaway Points

Landing pages are an essential component to the success of any digital marketing campaign. They are one of the most significant issues that most marketers encounter. However, they don’t need to be complicated.

At PERC, our extensive landing page-building experience allows us to assist organizations in taking their marketing activities to the next level. If you want to increase the number of leads you convert this year, you can count on our team! Schedule a consultation with us today.









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