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What Is ADA Compliance?

Web accessibility is a set of rules, design guidelines and code standards that help allow people with disabilities to use websites effectively.

How Can I Check if My Site is ADA Compliant?

1. Use an Online Scanner

Enter your Website Address into "Web Page Address" field, and click the Arrow to start the scan.

2. Look for Errors

Wave Scan Showing a Site Not ADA Compliant

3. Get ADA Compliant

If you see any errors in red, your site is not ADA Compliant!

Keep in mind, automatic scanning tools aren't perfect.

What are the Rules?

Here are the various rules for ADA Compliance both in the USA, and internationally.

What Does ADA Compliance Help With?


Color Blindness

Blurred Vision


Cognitive Disorders


Motor & Mobility

Cataracts & More

Why Is This Important?

  • 200% increase in lawsuits and demand letters from 2017 to 2018
  • 2019 has already tripled 2018 in terms of litigation
  • Over 150,000 demand letters served to businesses since 2017
  • 93% of demand letters settle outside of court for $20,000 to $150,000 on average
  • 7% of businesses fight and lose in court

Numbers are approximate based on filing reports.

Our Goal - Make the Internet 100% Accessible

Web Accessibility allows people with disabilities to effectively use websites.
  • Broaden your client base by up to 20% by including that percentage of the population with disabilities.
  • Do your part to help those with visual and motor impairments to be able to have no-barrier access to your products and services.

In the United States alone*, your website may be inaccessible to:



1 in 4
Visually Impared

0 million

Motor Impared

0 million

Can't Use a Mouse

How It Works

    • Our website audit will identify the areas of your website that are not in compliance with the ADA.
    • On average, 96% of remediation is completed by us. A report will be generated for any content that needs to be changed or replaced to be compliant.
      • We'll provide the list of changes that need to be made, as well as an estimate for us to perform this work for you.
  • STEP 2 - PLUGIN SCAN Completes
    • You will receive an accessibility statement and certificate once the changes have been made.
    • The plugin's AI automatically updates daily to keep you in compliance.


The entire process can be done in as little as 48 hours.

The PERC ADA Compliance™ Plugin

Here's what the plugin does both in the foreground, and background, as well as a sample screenshot of what the foreground plugin looks like.

Foreground app

Accessibility Interface

UI, design and cognitive related adjustments

  • Fonts

  • Contrast

  • Sizes

  • Colors

  • Virtual Keyboard

  • Cursors

  • Online Dictionary

  • Stop Animation

  • Text Reader

  • Voice Commands

Background app

AI Machine Learning

Keyboard navigation and screen readers optimization

  • Alt Tags

  • Menus

  • Dropdowns

  • Popups

  • Forms

  • Widgets

  • Buttons/Icons

  • Multi-Browser

  • Multi-Language

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