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Websites 101: The Contact Us Page - PERC

Websites 101: The “Contact Us” Page

By Ryan Berkness | Sep 13, 2021

Have you been getting a lot of traffic to your website? If so, this is great news. Now, here’s the next question: Are these visits equaling conversions? If not, you may need to look at your “Contact Us” page. Without a doubt, turning heads and attracting clicks from the SERPs is crucial. It‘s why we…

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Websites 101 - the Products Page - PERC

Websites 101: The “Products” Page

By Ryan Berkness | Sep 13, 2021

When a visitor enters your website, scans around, and clicks on the products page, you ought to have it well designed to improve the chances of them staying. Let’s talk about building catchy and effective product pages. This is part of our how-to series in building a website from scratch. As a bonus, we’ve also…

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Websites 101 - the About Us Page - PERC

Websites 101: The “About Us” Page

By Ryan Berkness | Sep 10, 2021

The “About Us” page is one of the most central sections of your business website. It is the first page that consumers will visit if they wish to learn about your company. It plays a major role in establishing your business identity, no matter what industry you are involved in. However, this section is usually…

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Top 13 SEO Tips from PERC

Rank Fast With These Top 13 SEO Tips

By Ryan Berkness | Sep 9, 2021

Everyone in the business wants more search leads because, in comparison to paid search results, organic searches get 8.5x more clicks! There’s a lot more to SEO these days than there was two or three years ago. There is a wealth of SEO experts available these days, and everything has changed in the world of…

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Top 10 Reasons to Hire an Agency to Do Your Digital Marketing

By Ryan Berkness | Sep 8, 2021

Don’t Go it Alone Why not hire a digital marketing agency if you’re not getting enough clients or are just sick of self-promotion? A digital marketing company can assist you with managing all of your online marketing needs from one location, allowing you to focus on running and growing your business. There are several more…

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How to Create Product Descriptions that Sell

How Do I Create Product Descriptions that Sell?

By Ryan Berkness | Sep 7, 2021

Words That Sell, the Importance of Well Written Product Description; Tips, Tricks, and Resources Many elements create a good marketing campaign, but the product description is one of the most important and often overlooked. Most buyers will not purchase a product they cannot learn about or understand because they cannot visualize using it. If you…

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Video Marketing - PERC

The Importance of Video Marketing

By Ryan Berkness | Sep 3, 2021

Video content is one of the most noticeable marketing trends businesses shouldn’t ignore. While content marketing has helped companies secure profits, videos are performing much better. The numbers don’t lie, as 86% of all businesses now use videos as a part of their strategy. You should start to formulate and create videos of your own…

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Website Trends to Watch in 2022

Website Trends to Watch For in 2022

By Ryan Berkness | Sep 2, 2021

While there are aspects of web design that will never go out of style — like data security, user-friendly navigation, and fast load times — there are also great trends to look out for. When you jump on a great trend, you might just find yourself at the forefront of search engines. How might that…

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