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Landing Pages on Different Sized Screens

Landing Pages – The Golden Egg of Digital Marketing.

By Xavier Berkness | Sep 12, 2019

It’s a big claim to say that landing pages are the golden egg to digital marketing. However, we know this to be true through direct experience with our clients. As shown in the illustration, landing pages act as a funnel for all your marketing efforts such as PPC, SEO, Display Ads & Re-Marketing and turn…

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Artistic bubbles showing SEO-related terms such as target, keywords, optimization, etc.

SEO – Your Common Questions Answered.

By Xavier Berkness | Dec 4, 2018

When we first started PERC it was mainly an SEO company. Now that we’ve grown to include a variety of services, we have a high level of experience with SEO. It can be a confusing subject, so here are a few common questions asked about SEO that we thought important to answer. What is SEO?…

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Artistic interpretation of an email being opened on laptop.

Email Marketing – What We’ve Learned.

By Xavier Berkness | Dec 19, 2017

We have recently dipped our toes into the roaring sea of email marketing, and here’s a brief list as to what we’ve learned. Timing during the week is crucial. We send out emails for a variety of companies and we’ve learned the best days of the week for the type of company you are. Push…

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