How to Find Out How Many Pages Your Site Has

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Using Google to See How Many Pages You Have The fastest way to find out how many pages your website has is to use Google. Simply go to and in the search box type in “site:”, and then your website address. In this case, I’m going to put in PERC.BUZZ. Please note that I’m…

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Are Websites Required to Be ADA Compliant?

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Disabled people living in the USA and all over the globe have often been maligned due to their limitations. The government deserves the credit for enforcing standards that people should follow when building, designing, and coming up with structures that keep these people in mind and enables them to access the facilities the same way…

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Understanding The Legal Side Of ADA Compliance

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Every day, courtroom dockets are filled with cases. Unfortunately, some of these are frivolous and/or preventable. As of 2019, it almost seems like a trend for consumers to find something that makes them want to take legal action, and ADA compliance lawsuits have become extremely common. In case you were unaware, businesses who have websites…

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Building WCAG 2.1, ADA & Section 508 Compliance Into A Website

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Website accessibility is a great way to ensure 100% of your clients have access to the information and services you provide. It’s also a law in the United States. The American Disabilities Act or ADA requires all private businesses to remove all “access barriers” that could impede a disabled person’s access to their goods and…

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Top 5 Ways To Ensure Your Website Is ADA Compliant

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It is legally required that all websites created are in compliance with ADA, the Americans with Disabilities Act. Failing to do so can lead to numerous issues, including legal liability as well as losing the business of potential customers who have disabilities. Besides this, being in compliance can boost your SEO efforts since search bots…

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What Is ADA Compliance And How Does It Impact You?

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Throughout the year, we’ve seen the strengthening of some important website design, such as an increased focus on improving loading times and the development of pages that adapt to device specs. These are important trends that likely won’t go anywhere in the near future. But you won’t find yourself on the receiving end of a…

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