2022 Retail Holiday Planning Guide for Retailers

The recent COVID-19 pandemic significantly affected supply chains worldwide, which has forced many to change the way they handle their production, inventories, and pretty much all other aspects of operations. Seeing as the holiday season is just around the corner, retailers need to ensure they have everything set to meet the spike in demand that…

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How Do I Create Product Descriptions that Sell?

How Do I Create Product Descriptions That Sell - PERC

Words That Sell, the Importance of Well Written Product Description; Tips, Tricks, and Resources Many elements create a good marketing campaign, but the product description is one of the most important and often overlooked. Most buyers will not purchase a product they cannot learn about or understand because they cannot visualize using it. If you…

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Selling Frozen Food Online

Every business has difficult lessons to learn, and every industry has its own set of problems and challenges. This applies especially to the food industry. Everything from airborne bacteria to stock levels to the weather can disrupt the supply chain of local grocers. If that isn’t intimidating enough, managing a food business also requires carefully…

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Top 10 Reasons E-Commerce Is The Future Of Retail

e-Commerce Website on an iPad held by a woman in her living room.

Studies show the world of e-commerce is now valued at $4.13 trillion. It’s a staggering number and shows the ever-changing nature of consumer behavior across a wide array of industries. You must be asking, who am I and why is my opinion important? My name is Ryan Berkness and I’m the founder of PERC, a…

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