Websites 101: DIY SEO for WordPress — Top 3 Tools for Ranking

Websites 101 - Best DIY Tools For WordPress SEO - PERC

Did you build your website using WordPress? If you have, then you’re not alone. There are billions of sites in existence today. Of this number, 455 million and counting are WordPress sites, according to Tech Jury. With these figures, there’s some good news and potentially concerning news in store for you. The good news is…

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Rank Fast With These Top 13 SEO Tips

Top 13 SEO Tips from PERC

Everyone in the business wants more search leads because, in comparison to paid search results, organic searches get 8.5x more clicks! There’s a lot more to SEO these days than there was two or three years ago. There is a wealth of SEO experts available these days, and everything has changed in the world of…

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MN SEO: A Minneapolis Digital Marketing Firm – PERC

MN SEO Agency PERC In Minnesota

MN SEO: A Minneapolis Digital Marketing Firm – PERC There are many SEO companies in the Minneapolis area, but only one is called PERC. We’re a digital marketing agency that specializes in everything from mobile website design and PPC advertising to social media management and reputation management for local businesses. You can learn more about…

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How Outsourcing Can Save You & Your Team From Burnout

How Outsourcing Can Save You & Your Team From Burnout - PERC

In today’s modern world, digital marketing has become the gold standard of advertising. Companies of all sizes and industries now invest in online efforts to inform audiences about their products and services. However, digital marketing is a multifaceted system that requires several moving parts to succeed. To achieve optimal results, it’s ideal to run web…

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13 Costly Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2021

13 Costly Digital Marketing Mistakes To Avoid In 2021 - PERC

The digital marketing sphere is constantly changing – people are introducing new trends, tools, and tactics. There are many ways to do digital marketing campaigns ‘right.’ Unfortunately, there are also many ways to do digital marketing campaigns ‘wrong.’ And these mistakes could cost you a lot of money if not handled effectively. With the speed…

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SEO – Your Common Questions Answered.

Artistic bubbles showing SEO-related terms such as target, keywords, optimization, etc.

When we first started PERC it was mainly an SEO company. Now that we’ve grown to include a variety of services, we have a high level of experience with SEO. It can be a confusing subject, so here are a few common questions asked about SEO that we thought important to answer. What is SEO?…

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