Email Marketing – What We’ve Learned.

We have recently dipped our toes into the roaring sea of email marketing, and here’s a brief list as to what we’ve learned.

  • Timing during the week is crucial. We send out emails for a variety of companies and we’ve learned the best days of the week for the type of company you are.
  • Push the big-ticket items. We made the mistake of promoting lower priced items more than the big-ticket items – that severely impacted the projected sales for the month. Now we know to keep an even balance.
  • Simpler = Better. We tried to get away with elaborately designed emails – but found they broke on different browsers or email systems. Now we have a sleek and simple design that is fool-proof.
  • People love a good story. You need to stand out in the Inbox Ocean. Instead of being a shrimp, you need to be the shark. You do that by telling your story – it’s unique to you, no one else has it. People enjoy a mid-afternoon read on why you started your business, why it gets you out of the bed in the morning, and why they should care.
  • Work the list. We are flooded with emails every week, and there are times we want to read an email but don’t have time at that moment. We leave it “unread” intending to come back to it later. That’s where automation comes into play. Since we forget to go back to those emails, automation can resend the email so it’s at the top of your inbox. It keeps track of who opens and who doesn’t for the best results.

Those are just a few of the tricks we’ve added to our bag. Get in touch with us if you’re interested in what we can do for you.

Rock on,

The PERC Team.

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Xavier Berkness