How to Create High Converting Facebook Ad Campaigns

Facebook has a daily active user base of 1.09 billion people. With so many users, Facebook has established itself as one of the most effective marketing channels for B2B and B2C companies.

Facebook ads provide eCommerce companies with a simple approach to hone in on a specific audience and encourage them to visit their website. It’s a terrific option for online stores to reach a larger market with their products and services. Above all, it brings merchandise in front of ideal customers.

A good Facebook ad involves plenty of ingredients: the appropriate targeting, a fantastic image or video, and engaging copy. In this article, we’ll go through several techniques for creating Facebook ads that can help your eCommerce business convert leads, create brand awareness, and increase profits.

Why Do Facebook Ads Work So Well?

Although Facebook has a large user base, throwing an ad into the wild does not guarantee a large number of conversions. Facebook’s advertising relies heavily on targeting. Fortunately, of all the sites, Facebook offers the finest ad targeting. This targeting enables you to be quite exact about whom your ad reaches.

Here are a few options for Facebook ad targeting:

  • Custom audiences: Enables you to target current or potential customers.
  • Location: Enables you to target specific people based on their location (city, state, country).
  • Gender: Enables you to target people based on their gender (male or female).
  • Interests: Enables you to target people based on their interests.
  • Behaviors: Enables you to target people based on their past activity, such as someone who has visited your website.
  • Connections: Enables you to target people who like your page or have relationships with those who do.

Facebook’s sophisticated targeting system can have a tremendous positive impact on your eCommerce site’s bottom line. In fact, marketers leveraging Facebook ads have witnessed a 73% reduction in the cost of acquiring new customers.

Advertising on Facebook is also less expensive than other internet marketing methods. If you’re short on funds, make sure you set sensible daily Facebook ad budgets, so you don’t go over your limit.

Tricks for Increasing Sales Through Facebook Ads

While there’s no shortage of exposure on Facebook, the battle for your prospects’ essential attention and focus is intense. As a result, marketers must pay special attention to creating compelling Facebook ads. Here are a few tips for any business to gain more engagement from both new and existing customers.

Narrow Down Your Audience Using Facebook Targeting, Then Focus Your Ads on Them

Narrow Down Your Audience Using Facebook Targeting, Then Focus Your Ads on Them – PERC

Many beginners make the mistake of attempting to run an ad that is way too broad, and as a result, their budget quickly depletes. Facebook advertisements allow you to be quite precise when targeting by location, interests, and demographics, allowing marketers to hone in on a specific audience rather than taking a risk. Once you’ve determined your target audience, pay full attention to their needs.

Facebook Ad Example of a Steak on a grill with "yum" over the top.
Facebook Ad Example

Make Use of Eye-Catching Imagery

High-quality images are ideal for use in advertisements, but they should also have the following elements:

  • Vibrant, vivid, and eye-catching
  • Not in Facebook’s color scheme (people will ignore your ad if they are)
  • Photos of people who are happy, with extra points if they are enjoying your product
  • Images featuring women do better than those with men
  • The appropriate size for the type of ad you’re running

Keep in mind that the audience you’re attempting to reach with these ads are skimming through their Facebook feeds, so your imagery needs to catch their attention.

Check To See if Your Facebook Ad Copy Matches the Image You Use

Most smaller or even larger companies, particularly in the B2B sector, don’t have many graphics on hand. There’s a mad rush to get a visual linked to an ad when it’s time to run it.

This can lead to an image that doesn’t match the copy, causing a jarring experience for Facebook users. They’ll question what the ad is about if the text and the visuals don’t match. They won’t be inclined to click; thus, your ad will be ineffective.

Make Use of Video in Your Ads

Make Use of Video in Your Ads - PERC
Make Use of Video in Your Ads – PERC

Video content is deliberately prioritized by Facebook’s algorithm. Your ad will be considerably more likely to appear in people’s feeds if you use video. Furthermore, as a format, it is more appealing.

According to statistics, over half of daily Facebook users view videos every day. Customers are far more likely to pause and view a video if it begins playing as soon as they browse over it.

A Popular Post Can Be ‘Boosted’

A Popular Post Can Be Boosted - PERC
A Popular Post Can Be Boosted – PERC

We are sometimes hesitant to start an advertisement since we aren’t sure how it will perform. As a result, boosting an old post is a fantastic idea. You can choose a post that has received plenty of shares, clicks, and engagements. To put it another way, you’re confident that it’ll work. Now all you have to do is boost it to reach even more new users.

You can opt to market it to your existing fans or to appeal to prospective customers. The benefit of boosting a post is that you’re already aware that it works. If you boost it, you’ll almost certainly see a surge in demand and engagement.

Make Use of a Carousel With Several Products

You can now select a multi-product carousel ad on Facebook. There are a slew of factors why this specific ad style improves click-through rates while lowering costs.

For starters, it’s interesting and compelling. Users want to navigate through the products to view more. Our inherent curiosity prompts us to interact with it by clicking and fiddling with it. This attracts and engages more people with your brand.

Next, you can showcase a collection of related products. This option can be used to convey a story or to demonstrate how several items interact.

Finally, make use of it to display more merchandise. For example, let’s imagine you’re in the business of selling designer goods. Customers may not be ready to buy a shirt right away, but you can utilize the carousel to display other affordable items such as accessories. It provides them with a stronger motivation to click.

Showcase Innovative Ways To Use Your Products

According to studies, 62% of customers prefer brand content that demonstrates how to use their items. Using videos, you can meet that demand while also sharing some innovative product ideas.

Demonstrate your products and illustrate how to use them with your videos. You can also show how others have utilized them, add user-generated content, and provide useful and inspiring lifestyle suggestions relevant to your range of products.

Keep It Simple and Provide Value to Your Audience

Keep It Simple and Provide Value to Your Audience - PERC
Keep It Simple and Provide Value to Your Audience – PERC

It’s tempting to squeeze as much information as possible into an ad when you’re paying for it. After all, you must describe what you’re offering to others. Keep it brief and sweet with Facebook advertising, though, and start with value.

Concentrate on what benefits your customers will gain from using your product or service. These points should be communicated clearly and concisely.

Make a Customized Call-To-Action

Make a Customized Call-To-Action - PERC
Make a Customized Call-To-Action – PERC

This is among Facebook’s most useful features. Instead of using the standard box layout, Facebook now allows you to generate a unique call-to-action. Brands and online vendors are still underutilizing it. However, if you use it effectively, your click-through rate will skyrocket.

Go to the ‘text and links’ area when creating your ad. You’ll be able to select from several drop-down options, such as “learn more,” “shop now,” “sign up,” and so on. You can also create your customized call-to-action. This will encourage your clients to click, ultimately increasing your sales.

Consider the Backend

Consider the Backend - PERC
Consider the Backend – PERC

Facebook allows advertisers to embed a Facebook pixel on their sales funnel’s web pages. For your business, this implies you can track conversions outside of Facebook. You may measure the effectiveness of your campaign by linking your personas to a specific action on your sales page, such as a sale or form submission.

The Bottomline

With its broad audience and powerful targeting capabilities, Facebook ads are a lucrative and effective way to market your eCommerce site. If you’re looking to run your own Facebook ad campaigns to promote your business, these Facebook ad tips should help you get a jump start.

Nevertheless, launching a Facebook ad campaign can be costly, and it demands a great deal of attention to make sure you get the best value for your money. To maximize your Facebook ad performance, hire a digital marketing agency like PERC to assist you. We are professionals when it comes to paid search and PPC, so you can rest assured that your campaign is in good hands. Reach out for an assessment of your needs!


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