Is Your WordPress Website Speed Affecting Sales?

Don’t Skimp On Hosting As You Might Skimp On Other Things

Many companies are tempted to choose inexpensive hosting services; after all, it’s just one of the many monthly expenses you’ll be incurring in order to run a successful business.

–  One mistake is not spending enough on hosting. It can lead to issues in the future and problems with support if there is an outage.

Nowadays many companies are using online services to market and to advertise their products or services to increase business. It’s a trend that is expected to continue and it will influence how you do business in the future, especially when we look at your local economy, where businesses are starting to rely heavily on internet marketing rather than traditional print media or television advertising.

But all these online services need a place to be hosted on, and this is where WordPress hosting comes in. A quality hosting package will allow your website to run faster, smoother, and with greater support and security measures that keep it safe from cyber-attacks. So when choosing your web host you must consider factors such as speed, security, and the financial options available to you.

What is WordPress?

What Is WordPress - PERC
What Is WordPress – PERC

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems out there. It’s used for websites such as TechCrunch, BBC America, Vogue, and even the Walt Disney Company. WordPress can also be found on more than 455 million sites around the world. Maybe you have a WordPress site or perhaps you run a small business that needs some online exposure. Either way, WordPress is used on millions of websites around the world and it’s one of the most popular blogging platforms right now due to its ease of use and flexibility.

Before we move on to the main topic let us review some WordPress hosting terminology. The two parts of a WordPress hosting account are the ‘server’ and the ‘client’.

–  Server – A server basically means a computer that is connected to the internet through an ISP. The server has specific software installed on it and connects you to your customers and clients, others in your company, or other businesses. It also stores all of your data for various purposes, such as web pages or pictures, videos, e-mail, and so on. You are able to access this information from your client computer or device whenever you need it.

–  Client – This is the device that you actually use to access and view [YOUR BLOG]. It’s where all of your data is stored for viewing by you or anyone else who has access to YOUR BLOG.

Choosing Your WordPress Hosting Service Provider

Choosing Your WordPress Hosting Service Provider - PERC
Choosing Your WordPress Hosting Service Provider – PERC

You have many options when it comes to choosing a host for your website, and most companies offer a wide variety of packages that suit every business according to their needs. One of the most important things is the amount of space, processor power, and memory you need. If your website will be running some heavy applications that require a lot of space, power, and memory, then you will need to select a hosting package with enough horsepower.

–  The next thing to look at is the amount of bandwidth that those applications use and how many people are using your website at the same time. Some hosts may charge by the amount of bandwidth used and others charge by the number of customers you have signed up. Most hosts offer unlimited storage and bandwidth on all their packages, but it’s always a good thing to check before you go ahead with the purchase.

–  If your site gets thousands of unique visitors per day, then you will definitely need to choose a host that offers high-end hosting. This will mean a higher price point, but it can also offer you better security and more features to keep your site safe from hackers, as well as the performance that your site will absolutely need.

Why Your Slow Web Hosting Is Killing Your Business

Why Your Slow Web Hosting Is Killing Your Business - PERC
Why Your Slow Web Hosting Is Killing Your Business – PERC

From a business perspective, the internet is vital to success. The level of competition can be fierce and in order for you to succeed, it’s essential that your website provides results.

–  These results could even be as simple as reaching out to more potential clients or providing new information on products/services. These are very important outcomes for your business as it will allow your company to grow by expanding current services or selling new ones.  It is also important from a financial perspective, as the higher number of customers your website attracts, the more money you make and this directly affects your bottom line.

In order for you to keep up with this competition on the internet, you need to ensure that your website is running at full potential. But what happens when you are told to upgrade your hosting package to a higher level for more speed, and even though you do so, the results are not what you’ve expected?

–  Many businesses also experience this same problem by being forced to upgrade their current hosting packages just to keep up with the latest technology in the industry.

So with all these options available, how do you pick the right web hosting service? It can be tough when almost every company will advertise that they are providing quality services at a reasonable price. A simple Google search may bring up websites like WebHostingTalk Forums where people discuss their experiences and are usually very honest in their opinions. Some frequent words that are mentioned are ‘cPanel’, ‘Dedicated’, and ‘VPS’. All very confusing to people to don’t deal with things like this often.

We practice what we preach, our site runs fast and ranks well because of it.

PERC’s Answer: The World’s Fastest WordPress Host

The World's Fastest WordPress Host - PERC
The World’s Fastest WordPress Host – PERC

At PERC, for most projects, we use individual servers on the world-renowned WPX platform due to its incredible performance, reliability, and reduced cost. We use these servers to run WordPress instances for our clients and our in-house brands, to keep sites running quickly and in a secure environment for their businesses.

Our team of WordPress experts will ensure that you get the best performance out of your hosting plan.

So how is hosting on WPX different from traditional web hosting? According to the WPX website, they have been independently tested as the fastest hosting in all WordPress performance categories for the last three years. On top of that, there are also security benefits with no worries about bandwidth overages or storage limits and features like one-click patching, and free malware scanning and removal.

–  This means that at PERC, we can offer a higher level of performance for our clients and keep their sites running smoothly without breaking the bank.  We are able to do this by utilizing methods like compression, caching, and content delivery networks that are not available on traditional hosting plans. We can expand based on needs into advanced load balancing, and even more advanced infrastructure, scaling as your website grows in popularity.

These features work together to make sure your WordPress site will load very fast – something that can be the difference between winning and losing customers. Who wants to wait for a site to load when they want information and this is also important with SEO.  Google and other search engines are looking for fast-loading, high-quality content in order to rank your website higher in their search results.

We hope this article helps clarify some of the confusion of picking out the right WordPress hosting. If you’re suffering from slow site load times, and a clunky design, reach out. We want to redesign, and host your website and show you what performance can do to your business.

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