Logo Design Best Practices

The logo you use for your business is vital to your success. By using the right logo, you can easily grab attention, make a strong first impression, and stand out from the competition. Learning how to design a logo can be overwhelming, but there are certain principles that can guide you in developing effective logos for your business.

1.   Make Your Logo Original

Make Your Logo Original - PERC
Make Your Logo Original – PERC

Your business logo has to be different from your competitors in order to stand out. It’ll be challenging for your business to haul in new customers if you use a logo that’s too similar to other businesses.

One of the best ways to create a unique logo is to think out of the box. You should be creative enough to develop multiple concepts of unconventional designs and work on the ones that best suit your business’ identity.

2.   Keep the Logo Simple

You can add different design elements to your logo, but this doesn’t mean that you should. A logo with too many icons or colors will look cluttered and prevent you from conveying a clear message to your target audience.

When creating a logo, you should always keep it simple. In logo design, less is always more as simple logos are usually more impactful in the business industry. Additionally, the logo you’ll create will be used on various platforms, and intricate details will be lost.

To create a simple yet effective logo, you must define your brand identity. For example, if you want your logo to highlight your business’ values and beliefs, then you should incorporate design elements that showcase these aspects.

It’ll be easier for you to create a strong logo if you know what you want to communicate to your target audience in the first place.

3.   Aim for Balance

Aim For Balance - PERC
Aim For Balance – PERC

Balanced logos attract humans easily. They find balanced logos more beautiful as it shows the right proportion between various elements present in your logo.

In logo design, proportion talks about the weight of various elements in your logo. By using the right proportions, your logo will seem more polished and make more sense.

You can achieve balance and proportion in your logo in different ways. For one, you can use vibrant colors in smaller areas of your logo and then use neutral shades in the larger areas. Your logo will also have balance and proportion when you put complex details on one side and then fill another area with simple designs.

4.   Consider Scalability

Consider Scalability - PERC
Consider Scalability – PERC

Your logo should adapt to any size. How can you use your business logo on billboards if it becomes pixelated once you stretch it out? How can you foster brand loyalty if you can’t resize your logos to fit various products?

A scalable logo makes more sense and remains legible regardless of the size. You can create one by using a vector format as these files are made with rescaling in mind. By using this format, you can easily adjust the size of our logo without sacrificing its visual quality.

5.   Think About Versatility

Think About Versatility - PERC
Think About Versatility – PERC

As mentioned, you will use your business logo on various platforms. Aside from using your logo on your website, you will also adorn your products, stationeries, and shop signages with your logo.

Another design principle to follow when creating a logo is versatility. Your logo should convey the same message to the public regardless of where it’s placed or printed. You should make sure that your logo looks good regardless of whether you use it online or in various products.

You can create a versatile logo by testing it with different backgrounds and colors. You should strive to create a logo that still looks unique and memorable, even if it’s placed in colorful or plain backgrounds.

6.   Avoid Following Fads

A timeless logo is one that will look good today and in the next twenty years. You can create this kind of logo by going for a classic look instead of using any short-lived fads. Psychedelic-inspired logos might be the trend today, but this doesn’t mean that they will continue to gain positive responses from customers in the future.

Instead of copying what everyone else is doing with their logos, you should stick to principles that stand the test of time.

Design Principles Count

The whole idea of a logo is to easily communicate to your target audience and create something that’s memorable in their eyes. Certain design principles can help you achieve these goals as you can easily create a logo that represents your business well.

Aside from following design principles, you can also create better logos by checking reliable websites, such as PERC. We offer various services to help you come up with the best logo for your business and improve your digital marketing efforts!









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