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Experience Growth with PPC

Results matter. PERC will energize your PPC Campaign with expertiese.


Implement & Analyze


PERC begins by looking at your website and current PPC plan (if you have one). Thorough discussion takes place with you as our client and we provide you an individualized PPC strategy. Our goal is for you to get a great return on your pay per click marketing investment.

Our team implements the PPC strategy using the plan we formed with our clients. Your data is kept under the watchful eye of our campaign manangers using our specialized tools. We closely analyze which campaigns are working and which need tweaking.

The Pay Per Click data we have helps us determine the strategies that are appealing most to your audience. We coolaborate with you and make adjustments, continuing to watch the campaigns and optimize them for you to get results and experience growth.

PPC Statistics

Pay Per Click Stats tell us a compelling story:

  • PPC Traffic converts 50% higher than organic traffic
  • 36% of searches have local intent
  • 66% of buyer-intent keywords are paid clicks
  • An Average of 200% ROI for Paid Advertising
  • 65% of Customers Click On Ads When Purchasing
  • PPC Ads Can Boost Brand Awareness 80%
  • 53% of Paid Clicks are From a Mobile Device
  • In 2020 ad spend is set to grow 6% to $656 billion
Higher Converts
Return on Investment
Boost Brand Awareness


Big Picture Thinking

PERC is known for looking at the broader picture and how marketing is blurred across the lines. PPC is one of many channels used to reach a multitude in the ever-changing digital landscape. Now more than ever it is important to have a team of experts who stay on top of the game, helping you to focus your strategy on what works and helps you solve problems.

Expert Audience Targeting

Every audience is different. We help you clearly define your audience and segment them as needed in to groups. Creating ads based on these different group personas, we then create conccordinate landing pages with language specific to the group's preferences. This helps you successfully target those audiences and convert their clicks in to sales.

AI Reporting & Human Touch

We live in a world that's becoming more automated, with A.I. helping us become smarter and better. You have real-time access to your PPC data, which is clear and easy to understand. Nothing beats the human touch though, which is why we schedule powercalls with you on a regular basis. We're dedicated to making your PPC the best it can be!

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