Sacramento Pay Per Click

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If you are struggling to get more traffic to your web pages, then PPC can be a gamechanger for you! In fact, PPC is one of the best-known ways to attract visitors to your web pages online. Two Trees PPC offers expert Sacramento Pay Per Click services that can help you get found online by the right people. We recommend a combination of PPC and SEO, but we also provide these services on a stand-alone basis.

SEO is a process of achieving traffic to your web pages organically. The only setback with SEO is that it takes a lot of time to see results from your campaigns - as long as months or years in some cases! On the other hand, PPC can start driving traffic to your web pages immediately. PPC is the "pay to play" option for individuals who want to have their web pages found in the search engines, and you can start seeing results on the same day.

Why Should I Be Interested in Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click advertising is a process of strategically placing ads online and paying a fee only when your ads receive clicks by a visitor. That is why this form of paid advertising is called "Pay Per Click." Effectively, Pay Per Click ads allow you to buy traffic to your web pages rather than to obtain them organically through SEO, which you can still do for you, but SEO takes much longer to see results.

The great part about PPC (in addition to the fact that you only have to pay for PPC ads when someone clicks on them) is that PPC ads are great for driving quality leads to your web pages. How so? Pay Per Click advertisements are based on keywords. Keywords in SEM are phrases, words, and sentences that people look for in the search engines when they want to find something online. If someone finds your PPC ads, they must be at least somewhat interested in whatever it is that your ad is about. How do we know that? Because your ad would be based on a keyword, and the user would have found your ad because they were searching for that keyword. Hence, they must be looking for whatever it is that you offer.

How do Pay Per Click Ads Work?

If you do a few local searches on your own, you will likely discover that there are paid advertisements on the top of the screen, above the organic search results. Note, Pay Per Click is Google's paid advertisement platform. However, Bing and Yahoo also offer paid search engine ads.

On social media, your ads can appear as banner ads, feed ads, and they can appear in a variety of other forms as well. You might be surprised to learn that YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and other social media platforms have options for pay per click-style advertisements as well. Additionally, many websites offer advertisements that are based on the pay per click model.