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SEO – Your Common Questions Answered.

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When we first started PERC it was mainly an SEO company. Now that we’ve grown to include a variety of services, we have a high level of experience with SEO. It can be a confusing subject, so here are a few common questions asked about SEO that we thought important to answer.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s the ray of sunlight on your business. It’s the process of constructing your onsite and offsite marketing presence in such a way that the search engines, social media platforms, mobile devices, and email platforms all work together to bring your product or service to the forefront of those individuals and businesses who are in the market for what you have to offer.

Why is it important?

Many business owners understand that in order to grow a business, it’s important to constantly be on the lookout for ways to reach their target audience with what they have to offer. Unfortunately, many of the older, more traditional marketing mediums like newspapers, signage, and even radio or television ads have become either too saturated or dominated by big companies with endless marketing budgets. In this advertising climate, how is a smaller business supposed to compete?

What can it do for me?

SEO is a viable way for small business to do well in the game of marketing – but only if they understand how to do well in the search engine rankings for relevant keywords. Why? Everyone is using online search to find what they need. There are 100 billion searches performed per month on Google. But, 75% of the time, a user isn’t going to pay attention to anything that isn’t on the first page of their search results…sometimes they won’t even scroll past the top half of the first page.

What does it involve?

Content is king, and rightly so because that’s what the person who’s searching for the subject matter wants. You want to find the right keywords, keyword phrases, and a solid description of your site. You must have your website optimized for mobile devices because 2/3rds of people who search online are doing it from their mobile device.

If you’d like more information, reach out to us. We’d be happy to help.

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