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We begin our process with an audit on your website. We provide you with a report that details what changes we recommend.

Implement Optimization

After analyzing and getting the report, our experts can take action and get to work on your website to implement changes.

Results & Growth

PERC gives you access to real time SEO data & reporting. View your website's performance using your own personalized dashboard.


We've had many years to develop an expertise in optimizing websites for search engines. We created our own system after seeing a need that utilizes both on and off page strategies. Contact us today for your free audit and to get found online!

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Incredible Numbers

Google Searches per Second

Google isn't the only search engine, but their data gives us insight in to the extreme power that can be harnessed using the internet.


Brand Research

Before making a purchase, 77% of people research a brand or product they are interested in. They'd rather investigate online than speak with a salesperson.

Average Searches

Most consumers will make 12 searches, on average, before engaging with a new brand. Where you rank influences the consumers perception of your business.

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