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Hub and Spoke Framework

The hub and spoke framework is a simple way of organizing your content by grouping articles by topic and then internally linking between them. Think of them as interlinked collections of content about a similar topic.

Typically a hub page is a high-level guide about a topic and the spokes are subpages covering other parts of the main topic. Internal links then connect each topic hub to it’s related spokes.

You might have also heard them referred to as content hubs, silos, pillar posts and clusters. Whatever you call it, the end goal is the same: to create a logical structure so that Google and users can find your content.

The Report Includes:


Get clear direction on the content you should write and how you should prioritize it for the most effective impact and rankings.

You tell us the high-level themes you want to focus on and rank for…

A content strategy based on the Hub & Spoke methodology, delivered in 2-3 business days.

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