The Importance of Video Marketing

Video content is one of the most noticeable marketing trends businesses shouldn’t ignore. While content marketing has helped companies secure profits, videos are performing much better. The numbers don’t lie, as 86% of all businesses now use videos as a part of their strategy. You should start to formulate and create videos of your own lest you get left behind.

Why You Need Video in Your Marketing Strategy

Consumers interact and view videos more than any other digital marketing type. Even businesses report higher conversions and traffic caused by their investment in videos. You can post a video on YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram and start reaping the rewards. The numbers shown from studies like Wyzowl reveal what happens when you incorporate video:

  • 39% of viewers call the business after watching a video, while 65% opt to visit the website.
  • 52% of consumers watch videos before deciding on purchasing a product.
  • 70% of consumers have shared a brand’s video.
  • 72% of business reports increased conversions after incorporating video marketing.

Videos are very engaging and hard to ignore. It appeals to a large portion of the crowd who have a preference towards visual content.

The Benefits of Video Marketing

Video marketing not only drives traffic, but it provides other benefits to your business as well. Here are some benefits you don’t want to miss out on:

  • Videos drive higher organic search results.
  • Videos increase visibility thanks to a separate search engine ranking. It allows you to remain on top of searches in many areas. You can even strategize your video SEO to rank higher on popular search engines.
  • You can create a transcription or a blog post that you can post on your website. You can also post videos on social media and have a consistent source of content marketing.
  • You can rip a video’s audio and turn it into a podcast episode, allowing you to reach the market share that consumes podcasts.

Types of Videos

The most common type of videos businesses post is those you see on social media or YouTube. However, there are also other types of videos of which you could be taking advantage. Here are the most popular:

  • Live videos: there are many ways you can apply a live video. You can create a webinar or product demo. You can also give your audience a peek at what happens behind the scenes.
  • 1:1 videos: these videos are more personalized. Instead of sending emails or calling them, you create a video instead. It’s now easy to make these videos thanks to lower costs and the accessibility of high-quality recording devices like smartphones.
  • 360-degree videos: 360-degree videos are a new type of video increasing in popularity. These are becoming popular because they promote interactivity.

Make the Decision To Add Video Marketing

The popularity of video isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Websites like YouTube prove that videos will continue to be part of the consumer’s focus. It creates a connection in an otherwise impersonal space.

It gives you the flexibility to be entertaining, fun, and interactive. You have more room to show what you’re all about while keeping your audience captivated. Videos should be a core part of your marketing plan.


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