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How Does Web Development in Kansas City Work?

In any business, the consequences can be disastrous if the owner or key employee thinks they know more about a task or project than the experts claim to know. If they make decisions lacking the “big picture” knowledge and experience, the company will face a loss of income and perhaps some embarrassment. It is like a homeowner building a room addition as a DIY project instead of hiring a qualified licensed contractor or interior designer. Unless the DIYer is skilled in all aspects of construction like carpentry, electrical wiring, and interior design the added room will look like an ugly appendage slapped onto the side of the house.

The same is true concerning a company’s website. In the early days of the internet and online marketing, a business's web page might be nothing more than an electronic catalog of pictures and a phone number to call to place an order. Today, a company’s website is a vital marketing tool and forms the company’s image and reputation. Your brother-in-law “Joe” might brag about his computer skills, but the wise move is to call the experts at Summit Media Solutions, Inc. for your needs in web development in Kansas City.

What does a Web Developer do?

A web developer takes your specifications (company logo, pictures, etc.) and handles the coding, design, and page layout to get the desired online image. The developer is part graphic designer and part computer programmer and will be proficient with HTML/XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as have experience with server-side frameworks and database systems. Does your sister’s husband have these qualifications? Are they keeping up with the continually changing updates and online trends to make sure your website isn't falling behind?

How does Hiring a Professional Web Developer Help my Business?

While no advertiser can absolutely promise results, the advantages of hiring a pro are many and include:

  • The knowledge to add plug-ins, headings, images, and code features to make your website stand apart from your competition.
  • Improved online strategy for the long-term goals of your company.
  • Making your website simple for mobile phone users to access; this is imperative in today’s world where Google is judging your mobile version vs your desktop version for where you will be ranked in local search.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – this is much more than the use of well-placed keywords.  Summit Media Solutions, Inc. offers a free keyword analysis to help you target the people who need your services to create unique additional content for your website to reach prospective client's you are currently missing.
  • Save time not worrying about or managing your website and devote it to other aspects of your business.
  • A professional will give you a competitive edge, a faster website, and a dependable design to draw in prospective customers.

Can Summit Media Solutions, Inc. Help with my existing Website?

The answer here is a resounding "Yes"! Summit Media Solutions, Inc. offers a free website analysis. All you need to do is send them the website address, your email and any questions using the online form found at https://www.summitmediasolutions.com/websites/.

Summit Media Solutions, Inc. has been helping businesses in web development in Kansas City markets for over 14 years plus other services including reputation, listing and review management to bring your business alive in the virtual world. While our fictional Joe might be sincere in his offer to help, the better choice is Summit Media Solutions, Inc. For more information call 816-628-5492, send a fax to 816-903-5492 or send an email to info@summitmediasolutions.com with any concerns.

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