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Websites 101: The “About Us” Page

Websites 101 The About Us Page - PERC

Websites 101 The About Us Page - PERC

The “About Us” page is one of the most central sections of your business website.

It is the first page that consumers will visit if they wish to learn about your company. It plays a major role in establishing your business identity, no matter what industry you are involved in.

However, this section is usually considered as a basic requisite page, instead of an opportunity to build up your company. As a result, not everyone is able to make the most out of this vital page.

Read this “About Us” Page tutorial in our PERC How To Series to learn how to maximize this portion of your website. Find out what this page is and how to create an effective one that will contribute to the growth of your business.

What the “About Us” Page Is

The “About Us” page introduces and defines your business to the public, according to an article by Business News Daily. Its purpose is to share with your target market who you are and what you do as an organization.

This essential page typically contains the following information:

The “About Us” page aims to accomplish the following objectives:

8 Ways To Create an Effective “About Us” Page for Your Business Website

Follow these tips to build an “About Us” page that will promote the growth of your business in the long run.

1. Use the Appropriate Tone

Use the Appropriate Tone – PERC

The tone of your “About Us” page and other website content will determine the impact that you make on your target audience.

Strike the proper balance between professionalism and humanity. Be professional enough to inspire respect and trust. However, do your best to remain conversational enough to connect with your consumers.

Use the tone and language that is suitable to the industry that you belong to. At the same time, keep your voice unique so that customers and colleagues alike will instantly identify you with your distinct tone.

2. Put Important Information on Top

Put Important Information on Top – PERC

To be realistic, not all people who will visit your “About Us” section will reach the end of the page. Place the most important content on top of your page to be on the safe side.

Select the primary strength of your company, whether it be your credentials, achievements, product benefits, or value proposition.

3. Include Numeric Data

Include Numeric Data – PERC

Words are important, but numbers have the special ability to grant you credibility in the business field.

Numeric data can be advantageous if you are sharing the progress you’ve made as a company, whether through the sales amount you’ve achieved or the number of years your business has thrived.

Avoid flooding your page with too many numbers, since this may possibly intimidate ordinary consumers. Instead, Shopify recommends that you weave in certain figures into the website content as you share your story as a company.

4. Create Common Ground

Create Common Ground – PERC

Build common ground for your target audience. Let them relate to you on both professional and personal aspects, so they will realize that your business is the best option for them.

Be careful not to over-promote your company in a direct way. Let your achievements and experience be a tangible testament to your qualifications.

Share about your passion in an open, honest way to encourage others to share the same passion too.

5. Focus On Your Customers

Focus On Your Customers – PERC

It’s true that your “About Us” page is directly about your company, yet while the information itself is about your business, your end goal is still to connect with consumers.

CBS News explains that first-time visitors to your website usually want to confirm that you own a real business with real capabilities.

Your target market will only be interested in your business if you are a reliable company that can meet their needs and wants. Make sure to include clear information on how your products and services can enhance the quality of the lives of your customers.

6. Use Internal Links

Use Internal Links – PERC

While your “About Us” page should contain important information about your business, it does not necessarily have to be comprehensive.

Avoid the temptation of cramming all the data about your company in this section. This may inadvertently make your page appear cluttered.

Instead, use strategically placed internal links that will lead them to the appropriate pages where they can learn more about certain aspects of your company. Link to other sections of your website, such as your landing page, services pages, contact page, and more.

7. Utilize the Power of Visuals

Utilize the Power of Visuals – PERC

Words may be the solid foundation of your “About Us” page, but visuals play an essential role in establishing its overall tone as well.

Consider the various elements when choosing the style, color, and formatting of your visuals. Choose the website design that is suitable for your company and the industry that you belong to.

Use cleverly positioned headlines and clear, legible text to facilitate clear communication of your content. Include eye-catching graphics, charts, and tables whenever appropriate.

Keep your page well-organized and well-structured to make it easy to read for your website visitors.

8. Update Your “About Us” Page Regularly

As your business evolves, your “About Us” page should keep up with its transformation as well.

Be diligent in refreshing your page in case any vital data has changed. A static page with outdated information may give off the impression that your company is not on top of crucial details.

Update your page on the years of experience, fields of expertise, skills, knowledge, and accomplishments.

3 Good Examples of “About Us” Pages

It’s a practical idea to pinpoint and analyze prime examples of “About Us” pages by certain companies. Let’s check out well-constructed “About Us” pages and find out what makes them stand out in the digital space.

1. Nike

Nike’s “About Us” page is simple yet powerful.

It seamlessly combines key information in the first paragraph alone: its mission to expand human potential through its sports innovations, an overview about its sustainable methods, and a general background about its creative, diverse global team.

The design of the page and the entire website is minimalist, yet forceful at the same time. Its visuals manage to convey motion even through still images.

No wonder Nike is one of the most popular sports brands in the U.S. and all over the world.

2. Lonely Planet

The Lonely Planet’s “About” page is engaging and practical at the same time.

The first paragraph expertly shares the interesting origins of the company, while making it clear that travelers are at the heart of their mission.

It immediately gives visitors three clear options on which service they wish to use: “Mobile” for those who would like to discover the app, “Print” for those who need travel guides, ebooks, and phrasebooks, and “Online” for those who wish to plan for trips.

It’s not surprising that the travel information company is well-known in the country and all over the planet.

3. HubSpot

The HubSpot Story page is firmly centered on its consumers. The company introduces the page by sharing how it has been helping millions of people to grow better.

It follows up with HubSpot’s mission to boost businesses through ecosystem uniting software, education, and community. It’s only after this point that the page shares the story of the company’s origins.

It’s just fitting that HubSpot is a by-word in the tech industry.

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