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Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Your Website

  1. Increased visibility and accessibility: A website allows businesses to reach a global audience and be accessible 24/7.
  2. Cost-effective marketing: A website is a cost-effective way to market a business and reach a large audience.
  3. Credibility and professionalism: A professional website can establish a business as credible and trustworthy.
  4. Increased customer engagement: A website allows businesses to engage with customers through forms, live chat, and social media integration.
  5. Lead generation and conversion: A website can be designed to generate leads and convert visitors into customers.
  6. Analytic and tracking capabilities: A website can provide valuable insights into customer behavior through web analytics and tracking.
  7. Mobile responsiveness: A mobile-responsive website is essential for reaching customers on-the-go and for improving search engine rankings.
  8. E-commerce capabilities: A website can be used to sell products and services directly to customers.
  9. Streamlining business processes: A website can be used to automate certain business processes, such as appointment scheduling and invoicing.
  10. Continual improvement: A website can be continually updated and improved to keep up with changing business needs and customer demands.


You want a website that tells others what you are about and what you have to offer. PERC helps you bring your energy to the digital space and create momentum there!


It's important to have an interesting website that consumers want to interact with. We specialize in design concept and content creation that keeps customers engaged.


We help you meet your goals by using tools to measure how your website is performing. We make adjustments according to your consumer's behaviors to get you results.

Our Skills & Expertise

PERC has an experienced design team ready to help make your dream website a reality. We are brilliant content creators that understand the importance of reaching your audience with the correct strategy, branding and language. Our technical knowledge will provide you with practical solutions on both the front and back ends of your website, making for a smooth and seamless experience for consumers and business owners alike. Our team will give you peace of mind with continued support for your website, as well as ongoing measurements on its success. We use this data to make suggestions for you to make informed decisions about updates.

Videos on landing pages increase conversions by 86%
TRILLIONS of Dollars global retail ecommerce sales will reach as of 2021.
The digital buyers’ penetration rate was 47.3% as of 2018.

Website Design

We are experienced at Website Design. PERC's website designers can help you take the ideas you have and strategize the best way to implement them on to the pages of your website. Creating this plan as a template for the design, we work closely with programmers as they execute on the strategy. Whether you are an e-commerce site or a service provider, the end result is a website that is as functional as it is beautuful.

Landing Pages

Landing Page Creation is one of our specialties and for good reason. Conversion Rate Optimization tools used on Landing Pages have an amazing ROI of 223%. Just by increasing the number of your landing pages from 10 to 15, you can see a 55% increase in leads. Through the use of A/B testing, PERC can help you design and optimize landing pages, as well as measure the success of your landing page strategy.

Website Content

Website content creation is of utmost importance. It effects how well you rank in search engines, your conversion rates, and your public relations. PERC offers you help with writing website content, blog content, or even just updating your website as your business has seasonal sales, grows or changes. We are commited to ensuring you have fresh and relevent content, articles and data available online for your consumers.

Website Statistics


3/4 people judge a company by their web design.


People who say first impressions are design-related.

Milliseconds visitors take to form an opinion about you.


People say they mistrust a website based on its design.


#1 factor affecting people's purchase:. visual dimension

Everything you need to create a beautiful website.